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Those registering for this forum will be given permission to read the posts here. If you also would like to post or comment in this forum, please see the following post:
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Using This Forum

Postby Mold Avoiders » Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:34 pm



Individuals interested in participating in Mold Avoiders can do so either in this forum or in the Facebook group.

While anyone who signs up through the registration system on this forum can read the material here, only those who have been personally approved by me can post or comment.

The reason for this is to prevent the board from being overrun by spam.

If you would like to participate here, please write to me at the following email address and let me know your user name on this forum, so that I can grant you approval.

info at paradigmchange dot me

If you know me on Facebook, then you also can send me a PM there.

Here is the address for the Mold Avoiders Facebook group:



Mold Avoiders is a recovery help forum specifically focused on sharing information of interest to individuals who are pursuing the mold avoidance approach discussed in the book A Beginner's Guide to Mold Avoidance.


The forum is presented by Paradigm Change and Rabbit Hole.

Discussions of all topics of potential interest to individuals pursuing this sort of mold avoidance are welcome here.

Forum content can be read only by those who sign up to be members, not by non-members or search engine robots.

More information about Mold Avoiders is available in this article.


Some additional information on using this forum is summarized below.

Reading Discussions

The home page for this forum organizes posts by topic category. This is especially useful for those who are looking for information just on certain areas of interest.

You also may read posts in the order of their most recent new comments (similar to the default format used in Facebook groups).


You can easily switch between these choices of "Categorized Threads" and "Active Threads" in the dark blue horizontal menu just underneath the forum photo.

A "Search" function is available in the "Quick Links" section just below the forum photo, toward the left side of the board.


The "Quick Links" menu also provides a number of additional options for choosing which posts to view, as well as a list of forum members.

Thanks for the Post

If you want to let others know that you like a particular post written by someone else, look next to the title of the post.

There will be a row of icons (e.g. pencil, trash can, quote marks). All the way to the right, there should be a button with a thumbs-up sign (which you won't be able to see very well).

If you click that, then you will be thanking the author for the post.

The forum software keeps track of the total number of thanks that each participant has received, as well as the number and percentage of readers who expressed thanks for each post.

You cannot thank yourself for your own posts.

Starting a New Thread

Only those who asked to participate in the forum and have been approved by me may post new threads or comment on threads.

To post a thread on a new topic, go to the home page (which is the same thing as "Categorized Threads" in the main menu). Look down the list of forums and open the one that is relevant to your topic. If you look under the title, on the left of the page, you should see a button that says "New Topic +". If you click on that, then you can start writing a new post.

On some devices, the button may only show a plus sign ("+") rather than also stating "New Topic."

Note that participation is not allowed in the introductory forum ("Participating") nor in the archived forums ("A Place to Get Clear" and "The Locations Effect").

If you have problems posting in any other forum, that would be a glitch, so please let me know.

Commenting on Existing Threads

Only those who have filled out an application to participate in the forum and have been approved by me may post new threads or comment on threads.

To comment on an existing thread, first open the thread. Just under the thread title (and also at the very bottom of the thread), on the left side of the screen, you will see the choice of "Post Reply." Click on this and write your comment. Then click "Submit."

If you would like to quote from a particular post in your reply, then instead of clicking "Post Reply," click on the icon for quotation marks (") in the selection to the right of the post title.

Again, participation is not allowed in the introductory forum ("Participating") nor in the archived forums ("A Place to Get Clear" and "The Locations Effect").

If you have problems commenting on threads in any other forum, that would be a glitch, so please let me know.

Selecting an Avatar

Avatars are the little pictures that are connected to your profile (also called profile pictures). You could use a headshot of yourself or something else with meaning to you.

This particular forum software displays the avatar of the last poster from each category on the forum home page.

If people don't have avatars, the home page will look much less nice. I therefore hope that most of those posting on the board will upload an avatar.

Unfortunately, the board software does not automatically shrink avatar photos to their proper size and rejects larger images. You therefore will need to shrink your avatar elsewhere, such as by using this Shrink Pictures program:


To use the Shrink Pictures program, first select "Choose File" and upload the picture that you want from your computer. Then type "90 pixels" in the Avatar Size box. Then click "Resize."

If the picture is not square, then the program will give you a variety of cropping options. Download the version that you want to your computer and then upload it to the Mold Avoiders forum as your avatar.

Here is the upload page for avatars on the Mold Avoiders forum. (To find it without the link, first go to "User Control Panel," then "Profile" and then "Edit Avatar.")


If your illness is preventing you from successfully uploading an avatar, please let me know and I will try to assist you with that.

I would be grateful if one or more participants would be willing to volunteer to help others with getting avatars set up. Please let me know if you might be willing to do that.

Photos and Attachments

The main drawback that I have found with this forum software is that pasting links does not automatically cause photos associated with the links to pop up on the threads the way that they do on Facebook.

The forum software does allow photos to be uploaded into posts and then viewed on the threads, however.

Please note that if you are responding to a post, you cannot use "Quick Reply" if you want to upload a photo. Instead, you will need to click "Post Reply."

Then you can add a photo (or attach another type of file) by selecting the "Add Files" option toward the bottom of the posting section.

If your photo is high density, you may want to shrink it before attempting to upload it. Otherwise, it may take a very long time to upload or may never upload.

Here is a free online image optimizer program, for instance.


Post Icons

When you are reading a particular thread, you will see a number of icons next to each post title. Following (left to right) are descriptions of the icons that you may see.

Pencil - Edit the post
Trash Can - Delete the post
Exclamation Point - Report the post
Small letter "i" - Find out background info on the post
Quotation Marks - Post a thread reply quoting the post
Thumbs Up - Express appreciation for the post

If you don't want to quote from a particular post in your reply, go all the way to the bottom of the thread and then use "Quick Reply" or "Post Reply."

User Control Panel

Your account on the Mold Avoiders forum may be customized to your preferences in the User Control Panel.

For instance, in addition to selecting an avatar, you can insert a signature to appear at the bottom of all your posts; supply additional information about yourself; choose whether you want other members to be able to contact you via PM or email; choose whether and how you want to be notified if someone responds to one of your posts; and designate certain other participants as "friends" or "foes."

The User Control Panel is linked in the menu under your user name at the top of each forum page.



The "Styles" choice (linked just under the forum photo) provides some alternate pre-set color choices.

If you play with this and then decide that you want the original colors back, you will need to go all the way to the bottom of the page and click “Reset."

Participants and Members

A running list of all individuals who have been approved to post or comment in the Mold Avoiders forum is in this thread.


A list of all individuals who have signed up to be members of the forum (and who therefore can read the discussions) can be found in the "Quick Links" section or at the following link.



If you would prefer not to read posts by particular forum members, then you can accomplish this by putting them on your "Foes" list.

It is my understanding that putting individuals on your "Foes" list does not prevent them from reading your posts, however.

The "Foes" list is in the "Friends and Foes" section of the "User Control Panel," which is linked toward the top of each forum page.


Additional Information

Detailed instructions on using this forum from the creators of the board software (phpBB) are in the FAQ section, linked toward the top of each page.


Improvement Suggestions

You can send suggestions for improvements for this forum to me via email (info at paradigmchange dot me) or PM.

While the forum is getting started, constructive suggestions for improvements also may be posted in the "Forum Issues" section toward the bottom of the home page.


Facebook Group

Discussions also take place in the Mold Avoiders group on Facebook. Please feel free to join us there.


Archived Information

Although some older threads from the Facebook group have been archived here in the standalone forum, many other threads from the Facebook group have not been moved here.

If there are particular threads from the Facebook group that you believe should be archived here so that they can be accessed more easily, please feel free to volunteer to help out with this.

I will write a separate instruction sheet on how to do this if anyone expresses interest in helping out in this way.

In conclusion, thanks very much for reading or participating in the Mold Avoiders forum! I am very glad you are here and sincerely hope that the forum will turn out to be helpful to you.

Best regards,

Lisa Petrison, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Paradigm Change/Mold Avoiders
info at paradigmchange dot me

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